Tissue Holders

Upgrade the elegance of your bathroom with classy tissue holders

Tissue holders are an integral part of any bathroom and they can make or break the whole bathroom look. You don’t deserve dismal tissue holders that ruin your bathroom atmosphere, and this is where we come in. At Top Knobs Décor, each luxurious decorative toilet paper holder comes with lots of character that will definitely turn up your bathroom charm. We understand that for that distinguished and exclusive bathroom décor, only a unique toilet paper holder will do.

Stylish tissue holders and hooks for the best bathroom style

There’s no denying that aesthetics are what separate opulent tissue holders from the rest. For a bathroom that looks like something from a top-end luxurious retreat, you need to go for swanky accessories that will clearly demonstrate that you are one for the super-fine things in life.

We’re all about giving you only the best, most exclusive and expertly-crafted accessories. We offer over 100 tissue holders and hooks that all come with an attention to detail that’s unrivalled and results in exquisite products that are awe-inspiring. Made with different types of metals including only the finest high-quality brass, each tissue holder is durable and you can rest easy knowing that your bathroom will look sharp for many generations to come.

We also ensure that you enjoy a wide variety of sizes so that every bathroom is catered to, regardless of the size. The tissue holders and hooks come in various lengths, widths, and base diameter ranges and you also get various mounting hole sizes.

Choose what you want for the perfect bathroom décor

We know that no two homes are the same and so our tissue holder designs are grouped into nine different collections to ensure that you can pick the holders that best suit your bathroom décor needs. The collections also help you achieve a consistent look that will help to keep everything sharp and elegant.

Each of these collections comes in various types of finishes that are characterized by different eye-catching tones. The different types of finishes available include, but are not limited to, polished chrome, brushed satin nickel, and brushed bronze. These finishes will help you pull off various looks including traditional, contemporary, and austere ones, depending on your taste.

All the various finishes have a different finish tone from a selection of silver, bronze, and black ones. This wide selection of color palettes will allow you to accessorize your bathroom in a way that complements the rest of your bathroom décor.

Regal toilet paper holders and hooks for timeless appeal

At Top Knobs Décor, our craftsmanship is not only defined by offering a variety of choice tissue holders that have premium aesthetic appeal, but it also comes down to quality. Over the years, we have refined our creativity and our eye for designs that convey lavish decadence has only gotten finer.

Our standards for achieving perfection are unmatched and we offer an exclusivity that ensures that you, our customers, can create homes that are undoubtedly unique. Our assortment of tissue holders and toilet paper hooks comes with a timeless appeal that will continue to charm people for a long time. Don’t be alarmed when people spend a bit more time in the bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want to take the time to appreciate lavish things?

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