The timeless promise of beautiful decorative drawer pulls

Audrey Hepburn once said that “elegance is the only beauty that never fades” and we couldn’t agree more. At Top Knobs Décor, we have a range of elegant and classy decorative drawer pulls that will give your home an ageless beauty. Whether you’re looking for decorative cabinet pulls, high-end cabinet pulls, high-end drawer pulls, or cabinet door handles, you’d better believe that we have something for you.

It starts with beautiful designs

Every home is unique but there are certain elements that all classic homes have in common. Spectacular pieces are one of those elements and they can make all the difference, giving your home a cosmopolitan sophistication that sets it apart from any other home. Beautifully designed decorative pulls are spectacular pieces that will perfectly accent your home and turn up its charm.

At Top Knobs Décor, we offer over 4,000 decorative pulls and cabinet door handles that come in all shapes and sizes for your home decoration pleasure. Our range of pulls comprises over 80 collections that allow you to achieve a swanky look with uniformity.

Take people back in time with the nostalgic Olde World collection, exude effortless opulence with the Dakota range, or show off your love for bling and the fine things in life with the Crystal collection. The Serene collection is perfect for minimalists and the Sanctuary collections feature some ultra-chic modern designs. No matter your tastes, be they classic, rustic, traditional, contemporary, or vibrant, there’s a collection to suit your taste and transform your home.

It ends with exquisite finishes

The end is indeed just as important as the beginning. We’ve mastered the art of perfecting our craft right down to the finishes, and the results are simply impressive. Our decorative pulls and handles come in various stunning finishes that won’t lose their shine over the years. Whether you love the great outdoors, or you prefer something more contemporary and sleek, you’ll never cease to impress your guests, no matter how much time passes.

You get a pick of top-of-the-line finishes that come in rustic, copper, black, brass, silver, bronze, and color tones. It’s all about refined finishes, and you get your pick – we’re just here to guarantee only the best because nothing else will do.

Superior quality is the name of the game

With Top Knobs Decor decorative pulls, you are guaranteed unrivaled quality, and people will be impressed by your choice and eye for luxurious pieces.

Our pulls are made with nine high-quality metals (aluminium, brass, iron and cast iron, steel and stainless steel, zinc and zinc alloy, and cast bronze) that ensure supreme sturdiness. Some of the designs are also manufactured with a combination of the metals and other premium materials including crystal, Lucite, and leather.

Do you have customized cabinets, drawers, or doors? No worries, we’ve got your back. For your convenience, our range of decorative pulls comes in many sizes. Available lengths range from 1” (25mm) to more than 24” (610mm) and widths run from less than ½” (13mm) all the way to 1 ½” (38mm). You also get a range of mounting hole sizes, and base diameter ranges.

For the ultimate statement in modish home décor, throw in some gorgeous decorative knobs from our Top Knobs Décor knobs collection. You can’t go wrong, that we guarantee.

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