Upgrade your home décor style with ritzy knob backplates

At Top Knobs Décor, we pride ourselves on our wide collection of luxurious decorative knobs that give homes unmatched opulence. However, the sumptuousness is incomplete without a complementary touch of class from knob backplates that look just as fine as the knobs. With this in mind, we’ve created our range of backplates to cater to all your cabinet knob backplate and drawer knob backplate needs.

Fine details make for fine products

Our range of knob backplates features an impressive array of over 200 products, each expertly crafted to perfection to enhance your home. The backplates come in various shapes and they are made using four quality metals (cast bronze, steel, iron, and zinc alloy) that guarantee sturdiness for generations.

The backplates have different types of finishes that come in different tones to ensure that you get something that complements your home décor palette. The silver and brass tones provide a clean contemporary feel while the copper and bronze tones are perfect for some antique or vintage décor. The black tones are minimal yet sleek and the rustic tones are suggestive of the countryside.

The gorgeous finishes will bring your backplates to life and make them the perfect crowning glory to any complementary decorative knob you choose to pair them with. With our backplate-knob combinations, your home will be the epitome of stunning houses and your house guests will be dazzled by your chic style. You had better be prepared to spill your style secrets; after all, who doesn’t love a good thing?

Choices to suit your preferences

We appreciate that you have your own unique home décor needs and tastes and so we have created ten design collections, ensuring that we give you ample backplate choices.

Among the different designs is the Aspen collection which features some eye-catching modern designs and the elegant Devon collection with its strong antique and vintage elements. The Tuscany collection is reminiscent of the Italian region’s glamour and is strongly reminiscent of Renaissance art and architecture.

No size is too big or too small, we have it all

Every knob deserves a unique and good-looking backplate. The Top Knobs Décor knob backplate range comes in various sizes to accommodate your home décor requirements. Backplate lengths range from less than 1” (25mm) up to 15” (381mm) and width ranges from ¾” (19mm) to 1 ½” (38mm). We also offer various mounting hole sizes ranging from 3” (76mm) all the way up to 12” (305mm).

Tried, tested, proven quality

Our offerings extend beyond aesthetic appeal and an extensive range of products – we offer guaranteed quality and exclusivity. Our standards of functionality and magnificence are unequalled. We’ve refined our craft fastidiously to help you decorate your home in an elegant, high-class way that inspires awe and makes you stand out from the crowd easily. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

When combined, our knobs and backplates will give your home a grandeur that can only be rivalled by the finest premises and establishments. Want to amplify the beauty of your home or take your décor to a whole new level of lavishness with a complete classy look? Match your knobs and knob backplates with some high-end decorative drawer and cabinet pulls for the ultimate show of home décor prowess. Because you deserve a gorgeous home.

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