Towel Rings

Enhancing your bathroom décor with aesthetic, high-class accessorizing

A bathroom is undoubtedly important and it’s a great idea to accessorize it and make it more inviting since it’s one of the most-used rooms in the house. Towel rings, although sometimes overlooked, are a bathroom décor style secret that can help you create your dream luxury bathroom. At Top Knobs Décor, we offer you a range of towel rings that will transform your bathroom into an opulent space. From a square towel ring to a brushed nickel towel ring, there’s a perfect decorative towel ring just for you.

Attention to detail and precision make for fine products

The towel ring range features a remarkable selection of over 70 products, all artistically built to perfection to enhance the stylishness and appeal of your bathroom. The rings are available in various shapes with unique, gorgeous backplates that are manufactured using quality metals (brass and zinc alloy), assuring you of durability that will last for many generations.

If you think that the wide variety and quality of the towel rings is impressive, wait until you have seen all the gorgeous finishes the rings come in. The various stunning patinas include, but are not limited to, polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed satin nickel, and brushed bronze.

Choose designs that suit your décor style

In celebration of the diversity represented by you, our customers, we have created over 10 collections of towel rings to ensure that you get as many choices as you want. These gorgeous collections also allow you to achieve a uniform look for your bathroom when you pair your towel rings with other accessories in your preferred collection.

All the collections have their own unique features that allow them to stand out from the rest of the designs. For example, the Buckle Up collection features an eye-catching and unique modern design that’s inspired by the shape of a buckle while the Tuscany Bath collection is reminiscent of 14th century art from the Italian region of Tuscany, which is home to some of the world’s most famous Renaissance art.

Get the perfect size towel ring for your bathroom with ease

Elegance is not restricted by size and you can make your bathroom chic regardless of its size. Our range of towel rings comes in various sizes to accommodate your bathroom décor needs and bathroom size. You can get smaller towel rings with an overall length of 6” (152mm) or you can opt for bigger rings whose length runs up to 8” (203mm). Besides the various lengths, you can take your pick of various widths and base diameter ranges.

Tried and tested unique towel rings

At Top Knobs Décor we understand and appreciate that bathrooms should be decorated with care and any bathroom accessories must be crafted with full and undivided attention. Our towel rings reflect this attention to detail and their luxuriant and exclusive nature transforms your bathroom into a magnificent space that will impress everyone who uses your bathroom. Now people can enjoy the quality of bathrooms that are emblematic of the finest establishments, all in the comfort of your home.

For a coordinated classy bathroom look that will take your décor game up a notch and help you make a bold style statement that will wow everyone, pair your towel rings with towel bars from our Top Knobs Décor collections.

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