Robe Hooks

Elevate your bathroom décor game with the best accessories

Imagine stepping into a bathroom with no bath towel hooks – we know, that’s not a great thought. Hooks are a small bathroom accessory but their charm is undeniable and you best believe that your bathroom will lack the “wow” factor without them. Whether you’re searching for towel hooks for bathroom or decorative robe hooks, at Top Knobs Décor, we’re ready to help you take your bathroom décor game to a whole new level.

A wide range of choices for your decorating pleasure

With over 100 beautifully crafted decorative hooks, you are assured of getting something to suit your bathroom color palette and style. The decorative hooks range features an array of designs including modish ones and others that are inspired by the outdoors or the ageless allure of eras gone by. The bottom line, however, is that whatever exquisite design you choose will undoubtedly make people swoon.

The robe and bath towel hooks are available in over 10 stunning collections. We have created these collections with you, our customer, in mind so that you get designs that suit your preferences whether you want something elaborate or something more simple yet classy. There’s even something for you if you want a little bit of both. These collections will help you create a consistent look with the other hardware and accessories in your bathroom for the ultimate elegance.

Hooks fashioned with only the best materials

There is nothing worse than the promise of quality that’s short-lived. At Top Knobs Décor, we are committed to offering decorative hooks made with only the best materials to give you unparalleled sturdiness for many years on end. Our range of robe and bath towel hooks is made from durable metals including the finest brass and zinc alloy. These metals evoke prestige and they make gorgeous hooks that look like they came straight from bathrooms in the finest hotels.

The hooks come in stunning finishes belonging to three tone groups namely silver, bronze, and black. Available finishes include, but are not limited to, brushed bronze, polished chrome, and brushed satin nickel. Each finish brings everything together, whether you’re looking for sleek contemporary inspiration, something more rustic, or even traditional. All you have to do is pick a finish that will blend flawlessly with the rest of your bathroom accessories and style.

Take your pick of sizes based on your requirements

You get your pick of sizes allowing you to beautify your bathroom regardless of its size. The hooks’ projection ranges from 3” (76mm) to over 5” (127mm). There are various lengths available and overall length ranges available run from less than 1” (25mm) all the way to 6” (152mm). Similarly, you can choose from many hook heights and overall height ranges.

Luxurious accessorizing for a distinguished bathroom look

Great bathroom décor can never be complete without the finishing touches and finer details. Elegant decorative hooks are perfect for completing the look and you can’t go wrong when you choose hooks that are artistically made to stand out from the crowd and last for many generations. We dare say that your hooks will make such a powerful décor statement that they will continue to wow everyone every single time. You’ll just have to get used to the flood of compliments.

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