Towel Bars

Elevate the opulence of your bathroom with decorative towel bars

Towel bars are one of those hard-to-miss bathroom accessories and if you want an elegant bathroom, your choice of towel racks will play a big role in helping you achieve your desired opulent look. It is with this in mind that we have created an impressive range of classy decorative towel bars that will take your bathroom look up a notch. The Top Knobs Décor selection of bathroom towel racks boasts of only the best designs that will leave people amazed at your wall-mounted towel bar selection prowess.

A wide selection so that you get exactly what you want

With over 300 unique towel bar designs to choose from, you are assured of our serious effort to give you the right bars that will add an effortless personal touch to your bathroom. Both our single and double rack towel bars are made using a manufacturing process in which no fine detail is left behind. You never have to worry about your towel bars losing their appeal or top-class appearance for generations to come.

Made using only high-end metals (brass and zinc alloy), our towel bars are sheer works of art that come with guaranteed sturdiness. Their exquisite finishes ranging from brushed satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze to polished chrome and brushed bronze add to the durability and ensure that your towel racks can withstand the wear from everyday use. These finishes come in various tones to give you many choices based on your preferred bathroom color palette – you get your pick of silver, bronze, and black tones.

Our range of towel racks comes in various sizes to accommodate your bathroom space and bathroom décor needs. Overall bar length varies from 11” (279mm), to cater to smaller spaces, all the way up to 36” (914mm), which gives you lots of room to hang your towels.

Pick your collection for a uniform look

Variation is exciting but a chic look is best achieved through consistency. To simplify your selection process, we offer you our many towel bar designs in 14 collections, making it easier to pick bars that complement each other well. Each collection has its own distinct characteristics that give it an edge over the other collections.

Discover the timeless charm of traditional designs and be wowed by more modern designs with strong contemporary inspirations. Whichever collection you opt for, you can be assured that people will be impressed. Whether it’s the vintage touch of the Edwardian Bath collection, the minimalist yet classy designs in the Aqua Bath collection, or the unique, sleek and modern designs in the Hopewell Bath collections, you will find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Giving you only the best

At Top Knobs Décor, we offer unrivaled quality that others can only dream of. Through years of honing our artistry and expertise, we are confident in our unique and luxurious towel racks, which are not dissimilar from those found only in the best spaces. Who says you need to visit seven-star hotels to enjoy the finest bathroom décor?

Towel bars paired with the right towel rings are a true picture of perfection, and perfection is what we are good at. To achieve a complete, impeccable bathroom look, pair your classy towel bars with premium towel rings from Top Knobs Décor.

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