Appliance Pulls

Create chic and upscale spaces effortlessly

Appliance pulls are excellent for taking your home décor up a notch, their beauty and size making for a great focal point. At Top Knobs Décor, we offer a wide selection of ornate masterpieces to meet your style needs from appliance pulls for your dishwasher panels and refrigerator to oversized pulls for your oversized storage drawers or tall pantry doors. Choose from over 500 sleek Top Knobs appliance pulls, including chrome appliance pulls and bronze appliance pulls, for an elegant look that matches your personal flair.

A pick of quality materials and the perfect sizes

Our selection of appliance pulls is artistically crafted with precision and attention to all the little details that make a product extraordinary. The appliance pulls are manufactured with brass, steel and stainless steel, cast iron, and zinc alloy. This remarkable variety of sturdy metals ensures that you get durable and robust appliance pulls that will withstand use for many generations. Some of the pulls are also made with a beautiful combination of lustrous stainless steel and leather.

The appliance pulls come in a variety of sizes so that you get something perfect for your space and décor needs. You can take your pick from a length range that runs from as little as 8” (203mm) to as much as 24” (610mm). The available widths range from less than ½” (13mm) all the way up to 1 ½”(38mm), giving you ample choices when it comes to the thickness of your appliance pulls. You also get your pick of base diameter ranges and mounting hole sizes.

Expertly made designs that are crafted to perfection

Worried about where to begin with going over hundreds of appliance pull designs that come in all forms? Worry not, we’ve got your back. Our range of appliance pulls comprises over 25 collections that will simplify your search for the perfect pieces.

Think of each collection as a theme and instead of going through all the products, discover the masterpieces you need by only going over the collections that best match your décor tastes and needs. The different collections are also a great way to achieve ultimate elegance and effortless charm through uniformity. Whether you’re looking for contemporary designs or you are after appliance pulls that are more rustic or traditional, there’s a collection just for you.

All these collections come in a range of finishes that are grouped into seven tones (silver, bronze, brass, black, copper, rustic, and colors) to suit the color palette of your décor. The gorgeous finishes include, but are not limited to, honey bronze, polished chrome, polished nickel, polished brass, brushed satin nickel, German bronze, antique copper, and ash gray.

Providing an elegance that is a cut above the rest

Our appliance pulls are a reflection of our work philosophy, extending beyond aesthetic appeal and an impressive range of products. At Top Knobs Décor, you are guaranteed unmatched functionality and opulence that will have people consulting you for home décor style secrets.

We are always improving on perfection to ensure that you, our customers, get only top-of-the-range products that turn your homes into regal spaces that are also awe-inspiring. You will definitely have an easy time standing out from the crowd because distinguished, premium products are our specialty and we can’t have you accepting anything less.

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